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Subject: "Homestead" HOMESTEAD
By Tommyhawk1AOL.COM
WWW.TOMMYHAWKSROGUEMOON.COM[Note: This story contains incest between a father and son. If this
bothers you, you should not read this story.] I remembered my first look at our new homestead, that spring of
1857. Goggle-eyed, I'd stared at the lump of logs that my Pa had pointed
at. "There it is." he'd said to me in triumph. "Our new home." The two of
us were side-by-side on a wagon, a Conestoga like they'd driven out to
California, but this prairie we were on was nowhere near California.
"You're kidding, aren't you, Pa?" I asked. Begged, actually. Pa
couldn't have sold our home back in Hartford, and moved us out here onto
the prairie just to live in...that! "We can't live in that." I looked at my
Pa, a big man, strong and hard-working, he could lift a wagon with one hand
and put on the wheel with the other. I liked watching him work. Liked
working with him, too. Moving out to a farm, even one so far from any
neighbors, had been fine with me. Until I had seen this place. This wasn't
a farm! It was a campsite!
"It'll take a heap of fixing up." Pa agreed. " But when we're done
with the house and the fields, we'll have something we can depend on. Not
like back in Pennsylvania. We wouldn't have amounted to nothing there,
Son. Out here, we can do anything."
"If you say so." I agreed reluctantly.
"I just wish your Ma and sisters could have been here with us." Pa
said sadly.
I bowed my head in respect but not for long, it had been years now,
and you can only cry so much. Since then it had been just Pa and me, all
that was left of our family. I'd been five when they'd all died of a fever;
I didn't remember Ma or my two younger sisters that clearly anymore. "So do
I." I settled for saying. Then, because it needed saying, "What are we
going to do about the house?"
"We'll clean it out and put up our canvas over that Underage Preteen Sex
standing end for
tonight." Pa said. "Then tomorrow, we'll set to pulling all the logs back
into place. It's all here, I reckon, it's just got to be put back to
right." There was a lot to put to right but Pa was right, nothing to do but
get to work and hope things worked out.
We got part of the first three walls put up and there was a bed
framing of cut logs left over from the last man who'd lived there. When we
got the logs up to five feet high, Pa wiped his face and said, "That'll do
for now. We'll finish this up after we get a crop in. Spring is already
here and been here a while, we'll need to get a crop in if we're going to
eat." Not to mention qualify this place for the homestead according to
state law. You had to move onto the land, build a home, and plant a crop
within the first year. However small the house, however poor the field, you
had to do it or lose the land. Pa had explained it, he'd need my help to
make it.
"All right." I said, tired beyond words.
We had a pair of mattresses, we could just stuff straw or grass into
them and make a bed for us. "Where we going to make the fire?" I wanted to
know. The nights were still pretty cool, and we didn't have but the two
blankets. With no fire, we'd be powerful cold.
"Can't keep no fire yet." Pa said. "Got to purge out that
chimney. Maybe tomorrow night."
"But it'll get cold." I warned Pa again.
"We can share the bed and blankets for tonight." Pa
allowed. "Tomorrow, we'll clean out the flue and get you a proper bed built
after we get some of the plowing done."
I wasn't sure we'd have time for all that in one day, but I wasn't
going to argue with Pa. "Okay, then, Pa." I said. "If you think you can put
up with the way I kick in my sleep sometimes."
"Your Ma used to kick me now and then." Pa said. "Every time I'd start
snoring, according to her. I never heard it, but that's what she said." He
saddened again and I hastily said, "Well, then, I guess you and me can get
along for one night, then. Or maybe two or three." as I remembered the work
still to be done. "I just wish this place felt more like home."
"It will." Pa promised. "We'll make it into our home. Then it'll be
even better than where we came from." Away from his memories, he Underage Preteen Sex meant. I
shut up after that. This was going to be our new home. Time to settle in
and get used to it.
So I shucked down to my undergarments and got into bed. Pa had a full
union suit, Underage Preteen Sex but I'd grown up faster than our money, so I was wearing a
cut-down version of a union suit that had belonged to Pa until he'd worn
holes in its knees, so now it'd been cut into a pair of rather baggy
undershorts for me.
Pa felt pretty good next to me. We couldn't help touching each other
in this small bed, it was only meant for Underage Preteen Sex one person after all. With the
pair of blankets over us, I felt warm enough, though the wind on the
prairie can really bite into you at night, and the wind was out of the
north-west, coming off the mountains, and that made it bite into your skin.
Pa didn't complain when I snuggled in tighter to him. Warmer than I'd
been in quite some time and tired from the work, I fell asleep in no time.
I woke up some time later. I had gone onto my other side, and Pa had
snuggled in behind me. I had broken into the bedroom where Pa and Ma had
slept back in Hartford, they had usually been sleeping like that.
Pa said something else and I realized that had been what had awakened
me. Pa was talking in his sleep. Not real words, nothing clear, just a
mumbling sound, right in my ear. Kind of soft sounds, gentle and
sweet-sounding sounds. His upper arm was around me, and I felt it working
over my chest. Just sort of moving over my body, feeling me out. Touching
me, finding my throat, which it brushed and then down and over my chest,
gave me a couple of squeezes over the flesh of my breast, then worked
further Underage Preteen Sex down. I had never felt a touch quite like this, it was friendly,
but also kind of...possessive.
Pa mumbled again and I just could make out the words "I love you" from
the sounds. Then "I love you so much." Any kid Underage Preteen Sex longs to hear that from his
parents, and I basked in the glory of those sounds however murmured in the
mists of a dream, and that's when his hand got down to my crotch.
The hand kept moving and this time, the strokes were stronger,
harder. And then I felt another hard thing coming up from behind me. It
pulsed on my buttocks for a time, and then I felt it kind of slip out of
Pa's union suit between a couple of the buttons and Pa pressed up against
me and the hard thing slid between my legs. I realized then it must be his
wiener. I'd never seen it, you understand, but it was in the right
place. And Pa was a big man, I figured his wiener would be bigger than
mine, too. Only his was a lot bigger.
Pa moaned when it did that. He mumbled some more and then his body
began to sort of wiggle back and forth and when he did that, his tool kind
of flexed and pulsed between my legs.
I felt it get even longer and Pa pushed in tighter and I reached down
and caught the head of it in my fingers. It was all sticky on the tip, and
that got onto my palm. When Pa hunched some more, my fingers just managed
to hang onto the skin around the head as he moved, and then Pa kind of
grunted, and then I felt a hot fluid splatter my hand. Pa's hand held me
tighter than ever and he was hunching at me really hard and fast and more
of that hot sticky stuff got onto my hand and then I lost hold of his
cockhead because he was moving so much and I felt his stickiness get all
over my legs, Pa groaning and moaning, and then, panting, he murmured, "Oh,
that was so good!"
"Really, Pa?" I asked.
"Uh? Oh, God, Jacob?"
"Yeah, Pa?"
"Oh, oh, God, oh, God!" Pa moaned. "I...I'm sorry, son, I thought you
were...I mean, I didn't know it was...oh, God!"
"Pa, Pa, what's wrong?" I asked him. I turned over in bed and my hand
was sticky and Underage Preteen Sex I lifted it to my face. "What happened?" The sticky stuff
was salty smelling and strong, and it felt like the time I had stuck my
hand into a pie we'd bought one time by accident, and I did what I did that
time, I put my hand up to my face and I licked it. This wasn't sweet like
the pie had been, but it tasted funny. I tasted it some more.
"Son, I...I was having this dream that I was with your Ma again and I
was doing something with her, and I was Underage Preteen Sex asleep and I didn't know, Son, I
didn't know!"
"Pa, Pa, it's okay." I said. "You didn't hurt me none. Honest, you
"I can't believe I did this, I was dreaming and then I wasn't and I
didn't know it was you, Son, I didn't know."
"It's okay, Pa. I miss her, too."
I licked my hand again and Pa must have looked over at me at last,
because he said, "What are you doing?"
"Licking my hand off." I admitted. "You got that all over my hand when
you did it, whatever it was."
"Licking your...Son, you shouldn't be doing that!"
"Why not, Pa?" I asked him. "It tastes kind of good. Kind of salty,
kind of meaty, kind of like sweet cream." I said.
Pa saw me licking it and said, "You like that, Son? Honest?"
"Yeah, Pa, it's really good." I said.
Pa was quiet for a time. "Well, I'm glad you liked it, Son."
"Sure did, Pa!" I said.
"Well...it's the middle of the night, Son." Pa went on. "We'd better
get back to sleep."
I finished licking off my hand. "Okay."
Pa snuggled in and this time we were face to face. Pa nuzzled my nose
with his and his beard tickled me and I giggled.
I slept some more, and this time when I woke Underage Preteen Sex up, it was the early part
of the morning. Pa was still asleep, but the wind which had been making it
so cold during the night had stopped blowing. I felt warm and safe and
snuggled, my head was resting on Pa's chest, his arm around me beneath my
neck. One of my legs was up on his and I could feel it again. Pa's manhood,
and it was hard again like it had been last night, and again sticking out
of his union suit. Pa must Underage Preteen Sex have a button missing down there, to let it get
out of there so easily. Or maybe it was because it was so big when it got
I remembered that taste of last night and I grinned at Pa's sleeping
face. He could do things while he was sleeping, could he? I could do
things, too!
Like I was asleep, I began to worm my way under the covers. My head
moved slowly, like I was thrashing in my sleep, but moving, too. Pa stirred
some, but didn't move otherwise. When my head was pillowed on one big
breast of his, I couldn't resist, I reached down and caught hold of his
tool. Oh, it was warm and thick and felt so good in my hand! I pumped it
back and forth a time or two, and felt the sticky stuff ooze out of the
I had to get it. I had to find out what it tasted like, when it was
all hot and fresh instead of the nearly cold stuff I had licked off my
hand. It had been good then...but warm, I bet it was even better.
I licked my tongue up and over Pa's cockhead and that wonderful flavor
danced onto my tongue. Oh, yes, Pa's sticky stuff was even better when it
was warm and on his wiener!
I pumped it again and more came out and I put my mouth on Pa's
cockhead to get all of it. So sticky, so warm, so nice. I sucked on it like
a piece of hard rock candy like we would have for Christmas back in
"Mmm, uuuhhh, ohhhh!" Pa groaned. "Jacob? Jacob, what are
you....oohhh, ohhh!" Pa's hand came down and rubbed on my scalp. Confirming
it was really me down there, working on him, sucking on his rod. When he
had patted my head, he ran his fingers through my hair and kind of gripped
it. He pushed my head up and down a few times and then I got the idea and
started doing it for him and he moved his hand away, and onto my back in a
gesture of possession.
"Oh, oh, Jacob, son, yeah, oh, yeah!" Pa moaned. "Such a good boy, so
good, come on, suck it for me, suck it harder, faster, oh, Son, yeah!"
I sucked and I bobbed my head and my Pa was moaning in his pleasure
like he had last night. Pa grunted, thrashed, groaned and Underage Preteen Sex then he was
bucking up into my mouth and I felt the rush of his load pouring out of him
and into my mouth.
Oh, there was so much of it. I hadn't realized how much sticky fluid
Pa shot out when he did this, but I found Underage Preteen Sex out in a hurry. He was pumping it
into my mouth fast as I could gulp it down, it was like drinking from a jug
that was gurgling, the water coming out in splashes rather than a steady
stream. I had drunk from jugs before, I knew how to handle it, but I
couldn't slow down the flood, and it was so much, I lost a bit of Underage Preteen Sex it as I
tried to drink it down, and then it was over, and I had only Pa's tool in
my mouth, still hot as it could be, and I sucked the last dregs of his
fluid out of him and climbed up to lie in Pa's sweaty, chest-heaving
"Oh, Son, you did it!" Pa moaned to me. "Made your old Pa really
"Me, too, Pa." I said sincerely. "I like the way you taste when you do
"I glad you do." Pa said.
"I'm going to miss getting to do this when we get my bed set up." I
admitted. "I kind of like this."
"Yeah." Pa was quiet and then he said, "You know, we do have to get a
crop in if we're going to confirm our homestead here. Not to mention
getting the house up and a barn. If I can put in a good crop the first
year, we can afford to buy a cow and some chickens.
"Yeah." I said.
"Yep, I figure we're going to be awful busy around this homestead." Pa
said. "You might have to share this bed for quite a long time."
I grinned at that and said, "I guess I will, then."
"Well, then, you and me had better get up and get ourselves busy
around here. We got us a homestead to get up and we only got until the
first of June of next year to make it happen."
Yeah, a homestead. It takes a homestead to make a home. And that's
what Pa and me were going to have. THE END
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